Monday, January 12, 2009

Handicap Parking Spots

There are many times where I'm looking for a parking spot, someplace busy like the mall or Wal-Mart, and I think I've got one and *BAM!* Handicapped Parking sign. This happens to everyone right? I sometimes get very angry when this happens, but don't exactly know why. I'm either angry that I thought I found a prime parking spot and all of the other idiots passed it up or the fact that I can't believe there are so many handicapped parking spots. Is there some sort of regulation about how many handicap parking stalls you need? For example, my local Target has probably close to 10 handicap spots, to go with the senior citizen spots and employee of the month (if that still exists). I go to Target at least once a week and never have I seen even half of those handicap spots used up.

After my initial anger, I settle for a parking spot someplace else and don't really care about having to walk. Usually as I'm walking in, I will check out the vehicles parked in those spots. Have you ever watched the people that get in and out of some of those vehicles? I can't believe, literally, how some of those people ended up with a handicap tag or sticker. Unless you have a limp, a cane, a wheelchair, crutches or a missing limb, I prefer not to see you getting out of that vehicle. If you are parking in a handicap spot, you better look like you need it.

By now some of you are probably furious at me, saying how could he write these things - putting down the disabled and what about this person with this disease, etc. While others are thinking along the same lines as me. Here's what I'm getting at. I think some places go a little overboard with their handicapped parking stalls (Target), and some of those stalls get taken up by people who are taking advantage of the system and should be saving those places for people who really need them. Some parking lots only have one or two handicapped parking spots and when some stupid idiot throws their handicapped sign in the mirror from last year just to get a closer spot, somebody else might suffer.

I thank God that I am not handicapped and do not have to utilize one of these spaces and I also pray for those who have a disability and actually need a closer spot. I think my initial reaction to not getting one of those spots is a brief mentality of lazy America. Sure, I would love to always get a close parking spot - but never at the expense of somebody who could really use it. I would rather count my blessings and walk an extra few feet knowing that I am healthy enough to do it.

And what is lazy America you ask? It's parking in an Expectant Mother's parking spot because all of the other nearest ones are taken (which I have done more than once).


quartergoddess said...

You're a bad, bad man. :)

Poor expectant mother's with their parking places always taken.

Fern608 said...

Next time you see what looks like an able-bodied person using a handicapped stall, remember that not all disabilities look alike. My daughter has a tag because she has all the symptoms of MS and can't walk more than a block... but to look at her she looks young and healthy. And my parents had one due to a bad heart. It's not all crutches and canes...